Now you see me , now you … errr…huh ?

It seems I’m EVE’s equivalent of Eternal Wanderer’s  perpetually surprised younger brother. Usually called “Forever Noob”. In all those years that I’ve flown a cloaky , this never happened to me. I didn’t even know it was possible. You can get uncloaked in midst of warp , if a faster ship is passing you by near enough – inside those dreaded 2000 meters uncloak range :


And since one of the points of flying a CovOps is that potentially angry people on the exit gate don’t see you coming (and relay that info to equally angry friends on the other side of the gate) , you can imagine the frantic D-scan mash in final approach. Which was less than 0.1 AU away and 5 seconds reactivation timer on cloak felt like a countdown to OwCrap! situation. All went well, except cleaning up after spilled (and sprayed) cup of tea. Whatever possessed me to put honey in …


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