Superior Sleeper Cache – A little sentry that could

sup1 At last. Found it. Had to equip some scanning arrays despite my scan strength being 112 , which by explorer consensus should be enough for this site. Anyway, scanned it down to 100% , equipped some shield buffer just in case and in we go. First was the Hyperfluct generator hack, which was the same thing as in the standard cache. After the warp in , i landed in a room with several sentries , cans , plasma tanks , Remote Defense Grid Unit , Sentry Repair Station , Vessel Rejuvenation Battery and another Hyperfluct Generator. Sentries were all passive … so far. Let’s get down to business.

Hack Remote Defense Grid Unit – i got a friendly sentry , which started shooting at red sentries. And vice versa. Message in local told me that my little sentry won’t last long and I should find some way to help it. Sentry Repair Station sounds about right for this. After hacking it, I just waited until my sentry made scrap metal out of the angry sentries. Room was safe to loot now. The only other message was  that plasma cans are not safe to approach , which I didn’t.

After looting all the containers, I entered the Strange Rift and ended up in a site with Sleeper Multiplexer Forwarder , Solray Observation Unit , Solray Unaligned Power Terminal with several cans around it and three rifts – each with an empty can near it. Gleam around Solray Unaligned Power Terminal looked fishy and I was right. When i got approx 16km from it, I started getting around 200+dps dmg. Frantic backpedaling back to safe distance. So, it’s Unaligned … how to align it. Hacking Solray Observation Unit netted me Radio Alignment Unit. Now, each of those empty cans was labelled with different name and one of them had “Radio” in its name. Off to it we go. I MWD-ed there, since I had no clue if where the rifts lead – and I didn’t want to end up somewhere nasty. At least not before I loot the cans. After the Radio Alignment Unit was deposited in Radio can, I got the message in local that Unaligned Power Terminal is now aligned and safe to approach. Despite that message, I still got approx 20dps periodic damage for being next to it. Not a problem in a Tengu with 80+ resists across the board, but I imagine Astero or other exploration frigates could have a bit of pressure here to hack fast.

After taking this part of the cache to the cleaners, I entered the rift in the middle and ended back in sentry room. Now, there was another person in the system for the last few minutes and I was checking D-Scan periodically. At this moment his combat probes were closer than 2AU. He was starting to get too close for comfort, so I moved away from entry position (and other clutter) for some 20km and cloaked up. Let’s wait this out. Grabbed coffee cup and off I go for refill , when I saw a flash from the monitor. Site despawned on me. Crap. Well, nothing more to do here except warp to safe spot and refit.

The unanswered questions so far:

  • Hyperfluct Generator , Vessel Rejuvenation Battery and Plasma Tanks in the Sentry Room
  • Destination of rifts in the Solray Room
  • Sleeper Multiplexer Forwarder un the Solray Room
  • Are sites on timer or did my cloaking up despawn the site

I’ll wait for a few more tries before I turn to google.

Loot-wise it was pretty good. 250+ mil and 5 polarised BPC’s.




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