CMSX voting is open. Lots of candidates this year and I admit I have a hard time voting (again).  There are some aspects of the game that I don’t really know enough about … at least not enough to make an informed choice as to which path would be the best one. Some of them sound like a candy in short-term , but I suspect rotten teeth in long-term. So, with those I’ll go with the gut feeling. The ones that I know (or know about and like what they do/did/done) would be the following :

  1. Steve Ronuken – API 3rd party software input. I develop my own EVE tools and he knows exactly which problems to address here.
  2. Corbexx – Wormhole guy. This is a part of EVE that I didn’t try yet, but have plans to do at some point in the future. And his vision mostly overlaps with what I envision a wormhole mechanics (life) should be like.
  3. Corebloodbrothers – Local Provi pilot and regional skirmishes vs. big battles in null supporter.
  4. Sugar Kyle – a workhorse with good ideas all around. I know her focus is low sec , to which I have no real opinion except ‘like , maybe’ (huh, indeed) , but there is the new player experience field (and several more) , for which she deserves re-election. Not to mention the only candidate that at least wrote “Exploration” , albeit only in passing. Edit : I stand corrected. Thanks, D.
  5. Chance Ravinne – I cannot help not liking this guy. I still think he’s a snide little fucker (endearing term in my book) , but his approach and fervor is infectious. He’ll stir up stale waters for sure.

Now off to read up some more & hopefully I’ll have missing 9 people by the evening.


Edit : In the end, after confusing myself and a couple of people with my interpretations , I  voted only for my shortlist.  With Sugar moved to #1. Steve doesn’t have a real competition in his field of expertise , so a second place should not hurt him. If it does, I wow here , before my 2 readers , that I’ll delete last 3 revisions of my tools source code.

2 thoughts on “CSM X

  1. Glad you found the interview on Sugar and her explorer ways. 😉 and thank you for the link! I think far more than we realize enjoy exploration on alts. It’s a great way to unwind, chill out, and take in some sites while wondering around New Eden, but it looks like I don’t have to tell you that. I’ll be adding your site to my read list. 🙂

    Fly Clever!

  2. Adding you back. Good writing and useful info there. Now that I’ve read about Signal Cartel … I’m starting to have same qualms about my micro explorer corp as you did. With added difficulty of having an industry setup in null that I’ve put a lot of time and energy into. But I’ll jump into public channel at least , to say hi to fellow explorers.

    Stay safe.

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