Standard Sleeper Cache , Take #2

After FOTM adventures , I didn’t find any of Sleeper sites for a few days. Was getting resigned to the RNG giving me the soiled end of the stick , probably for botching up the first attempt. So, no sleepers for me. Up until a low percentage 2AU sig popped up in Great Wildlands. And here it was in all it’s glory – Standard Sleeper Cache. I resisted the temptation to google it. The thrill of something new and unknown was topping possible ship loss by a ration of googleplex : 1. Bookmark result , warp to zero an let the adventure begin.

Landing on sig, I saw a shielded Hyperfluct Generator. Hacking this opened a Spatial Rift to a Logistic Depot with several containers , structures and three Sentry Towers. Nothing was attacking me … so far. First I hacked three nearby sleepers containers (Mangled,Dented …). Last one spawned a “Defense Alarm Unit” with a message in local, that it will sound an alarm in 60 seconds if I don’t silence it first. This one needed data module to hack & I just barely made it. No alarm sounded and succeeding in the hack spawned a Pristine container nearby. After getting loot from it, I turned my attention to Coordinate Plotting Device. Hacking all 3 of them netted me 3 coordinate sheets in my cargohold. On top of that structure were 2 empty “cans” – one labeled something something “High” , the other something something “Low” (sorry, was too excited to take proper notes) . I’ve deposited all three coordinate sheets into “High” one and a rift opened nearby. Before entering it , I hacked the Remote defense Grid unit and got a message that one of the sentries switched to forward defense (to the middle of the area, i guess – since nothing was shooting at me). Entering rift warped me to the back of the room , where two sentries opened fire. Being in Tengu , that didn’t hurt me much. Still went and hacked another Remote Defense Grid Unit nearby and one sentry shut itself down. Hacked three containers around the central structure , then suddenly a message in local informed me that a container decloaked nearby. Oh, more loot. But if there is one, there could be more. For next few minutes , I was zigzagging around until I managed to decloak four more. Loot pinatas. What now … let’s try to take coordinate sheet out of the “High” can and put them into “Low”. Warped to safe spot , then back to bookmarked sig entrance. Warp in , open “High” can … and I couldn’t take the sheets out. Message was “This is not yours to take”. Okay, lets MWD to the tractor beam. Arriving there, two sentries opened fire on me. Hacking another Remote Defense Grid Unit got me rid of one sentry , leaving the remaining pinging on my shields. Hacking the Tractor Beam got me only a message in local that tractor beam is shutting down since there isn’t anything in range to pull.

Looks like I’m done. The tractor beam part still bugs me , tho. Maybe if you open low rift first , then the hacked tractor beam pulls all those cloaked containers from the far part of the room to you ? Will try that when I find another cache.

Loot wise the cache netted 75mil in loot (sleeper industry materials, R.A.M’s , some guns) , a few polarised weapon BPC’s and one faction (storyline ?) BPC.




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