Why ?

I decided to keep this blog as a record of my wanderings through EVE universe , my mishaps and different things I've tried (failure or success - it doesn't matter). Mainly exploration AAR at the moment (could be industry next month. or PI. or watching the pretty lights fly while mining) and beautiful vistas of EVE. No huge battle reports here , move along. Just one capsuleer and his ship.

From all that, one could gather that I don't interact with other capsuleersĀ much. And one would be right. This is my EVE. At least today.

For EVE news, player interviews and lots of other info about EVE , you can try Crossing Zebras .

Another blogger, who has won my respect during my E-Uni time is Neville Smith. You can read his blog here.

If you want to read a blog of someone who does interact with people in EVE , writes about it , writes good and has a bunch of great ideas to boot , I can highly recommend Low Sec Lifestyle , written and maintained by Sugar Kyle (member of CMS9 , CMSX candidate and a person who giggles while dying in Minecraft).