Superior Surprise

First room of this Superior Sleeper Cache cleared and looted without much trouble … so, lets say hi to the friendly sentry now. This time I failed the first hack and was greeted with this message :


Got it right on the second try and while MWD-ing to the Sentry Repair Station , all of the sudden this popped up :



First volley took 3/4 of my Tengu’s shields clear off , so I activated the GTFO backup plan and warped to safe spot. Upon re-entering the site, the friendly sentry was dead and rest of sentry towers immediately locked me again. A bzzzt moment later  almost all shields were down and I didn’t stick around for the second volley.

I’m pretty sure that I managed second hack in time – otherwise the third message should pop before the second. So, no idea if this is a bug or not … but nasty surprises are part of EVE after all.


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