Running for the FOTM Award

In this case it doesn’t stand for the “Fit Of The Month” or “Flavor Of The Month” , but for the “Fuckup Of The Month” award.

To continue the story about Exploration Tengu …

Fit set, stabs on , CovOps cloak petted and polished , brake lights working , coffee present . Destination : Branch. Waypoints : 35+. Yes, there is a thing with wormhole travel. Yes, I’m still scared of wormholes … well, one of these days I’ll brave more than just a daytrip. But not today. Voyage there wasn’t uneventful for once (not that I was complaining before). Lowsec/null border was infested with gatecamps. One burn back to the gate was needed because of a lucky uncloaker – saved by the 100MN AB , so I went a roundabout route through Pure Blind. After a few more adrenaline prone encounters, I ended up in a quiet corner of Branch space. Let’s start scanning. First system, nada. Second system … a suspiciously difficult sig to pin down. Wooha, a Standard Sleeper Cache.

Bingo. Let’s make a safe spot and change gear. Launching Mobile Depot , twiddling thumbs for 60 seconds and hoping no angry men will crash this sleeper party in the making. Invulns off , hacking tools on … erm, wth ? Where are my Data and relic analyzers ? Resorting cargohold , but I don’t have so many stuff in there that they could be lost in the clutter. Mind goes into Puzzlement mode. Fast rewind. The idea was to unfit the damn things from my ceptor and fit them here … which I obviously mentally checked off as done , but never actually did. Mind goes into O’reallyYouScatterBrainedIdiot mode. No stations with docking rights lightyears around and angry men with twitchy trigger fingers all around. Let’s sneak out and back home. Need to consolidate my assets anyway (Read : Procrastinate).



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