Drone Regions , Day 2

day2-hostDay 2 of Drone Region exploration was in Etherium reach. Entry from high into low/null was as problematic as the day before. Read : not really. Those drone regions are really sparsely populated. If I see people jumping into local I immediately cloak and check d-scan (learned the lesson) … but all I saw were haulers/industrials. Far from me complaining about it , tho. In Providence there are always some reds to shoot (or in my case, run away from) , but this region felt really desolate. The most exciting sight was a bubbled gate. I hang around cloaked for some time with no activity in the system. Went to make myself a cuppa … still nothing. Maybe a gang in some adjacent system ? Nada. A little googling and the reason for desolation was clear. Apparently drone loot is … somewhat lacking in marketable department. To put it mildly. Stopped reading after a few pages. Man can take only so much moaning.

Amount of data sites was same as the day before. Roughly 12/1 in favor of combat signatures. Even systems with lots of sigs usually came out empty. This is what I saw a lot:


At least got one data site escalation , which cam out empty too. Not even an ‘Integrated’ blueprint. But a lot of stunning sight to see.

Checked out the Unidentified beacon and the cloak is gone. Snipped a few pics of the uncloaked structure. It’s really big. My inty was like a speck of dust in comparison. No signs of drones or new Drifter battleships … yet.

Loot was  … Integrated. With some materials for drone manufacturing.


The Augmented BPC’s from the day before are still sitting in contract system. Not holding my breath about a shower of ISK from that direction. Maybe I’ll manufacture them myself … if I had some 300 Elite Drone AI’s stashed somewhere. Which I don’t. Was trashing that stuff for years. Grumble. Or I could try to do some ninja belt ratting in a Manticore to see how the drops are. If it’s 100% drop from BS’s , I might stay a bit and rat in this desert.



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