Drone Regions , Day 1



First day of testing my new Inty. Target for today was The Kalevala Expanse and the host was - for the most part - Shadow of xXDEATHXx . The journey was very uneventful , but Inty performance was everything I've hoped for. It blitzed through systems , warp bubbles and a halfhearted gatecamp or two without a glitch. On the whole , I felt much safer in this little mad buzzard than in CovOps. CovOps cloak or no cloak.

As far as data sites go ... they were rather rare. Or I was just unlucky. From 40+ sites scanned , only 3 were Data sites. The rest was Combat. Hacking with my skills , rigs and T2 Data Analyzer was a breeze.

On my way back I run into a beacon called "Unindentified Structure". Of course I had to go for a look-see. What I found was rather ... um, disturbing. A few things that looked like sleeper drones (Seeker #1 and #2 in the slideshow below) was orbiting a cloaked structure and shooting beams of light into it. They ignored me for the most part, up until one scanned my ship with that beam. Then proceeded to shoot the beam back into the structure. I wonder what was that all about. Now they have my DNA, the suckers! Snip a few pictures, a video and plot a route back home.

Spoils of the day :


Integrated ones are common as muck, but Augmented ones should fetch some ISK (i hope).


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