Drone Region Explorer


I've adapted my previous Raptor fit specifically for poking in and out of drone regions - to have a go at drone faction blueprints. Since only data sites spawn in them , there are a few alterations to the original fit. Small Emission Scope Sharpener I gets replaced by Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I , which gives bonus to Data Analyzer. Relic analyzer II gets replaced by ECM Burst II as a last resort Ow Crap! button. I tried some other fits, which gave me more agility ... but since Interceptor is an unbonused ship, I had some difficulties opening harder cans.

What I ended with was this :

[Raptor, Nibbler]
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Inertia Stabilizers II
Inertia Stabilizers II

Data Analyzer II
Scan Pinpointing Array I
ECM Burst II
1MN Microwarpdrive II

Sisters Core Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
Prototype Cloaking Device I
150mm Railgun II, Spike S

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I

Spike S x1000
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

Time for test run.

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