New skills , new ships


Providence exploration & scanning competition is ramping up and I'm in a need of a break from Sansha space anyway. And if I want to ninja explore other null regions , the trusty CovOps frigate will have to stay in the hangar. I need a ship to blitz through bubbles and gatecamps. I know CovOps is able to do all that, but there is a better option out there. Interceptors.

Interceptor training is finished, so i can try out a fit suggested by JonnyPew. You can look it up here (and the rest of his videos. Lots of good stuff there).  I just fitted Sisters Core Probe Launcher instead of T1 , because I had a few in cargo hold - from my missioning time for Sisters of Eve. As a destination I've chosen part of the NPC null, namely the Outer Ring , which is under sovereignity of  ORE - an npc corporation. I had no clue if site loot there is good or not. I just wanted to check it out. To the hostile pastures we go. 

Of course I wanted to scan a bit on the way there , so I made a pitstop in K5-JRD . Being spoiled by Intel and overview settings in Providence , I happily proceeded to scan a Relic site - with one "neutral" person in local. Site scanned down , first can halfway hacked. Bleep! Hound on grid. Lock , scram , pod - before my fingers found the warp button. Result :


My first exploration trip in an interceptor came to an abrupt and violent end , as so much of other things in Eve do. Had a little chat with Miss White after is stowed my pod. I was scanning in transit system and when people don't move on in a few minutes, that's a sign for Miss White to check out if there is an explorer out there to kill. Lesson learned. 07



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