Great Wildlands trip

gwNext three days I spent in Great Wildlands. This is an NPC null region owned by Thukker Tribe. No player built stations there, just a few Thukker ones. Great Wildlands is situated on crossroads of many other regions and the transit lines are semi busy throughout the day. Didn’t see any apparent fluctuation in number of people passing through in different login sessions at different times. But if you take a turn left or right , you can find yourself in blissfully empty constellations. Data and relic sites here sport salvage & items of Angel Cartel flavor.

Travel there was uneventful (one gatecamp , muchos bubbles) . The few people that were in off-highway systems were all busy with non-PVP activities – I think. No combat probes on scanner, at least. So I didn’t have to run and hide … much. There were some guys from xXDeathXx chasing me through a few systems , but gave up on this particular prey when I reached one of my safe spots , engaged cloak and went to do the house chores. First day I was more or less zipping around , doing sites as they came and made a few safespots per system. Just in case. On second day I scanned a small constellation of 5 systems. It had 3 usable sites (non-combat or wormhole) scattered around. Since I got three sites there for a longish time – once I’ve done one, some other system in same constellation sprouted one – there is some merit in the “respawn-in-same-constellation” theory.

Loot wise , I’ve got max 25mil from a Relic can. Others were usually around 1-5 mil. There is something fishy with “Ruins” can. It’s hardest from them all and it dropped zero loot 30% of the time, minimal loot (<500k) the rest of the time. Only one of those yielded 18mil in t2 salvage. All in all, I got out of there with approx 280 mil in loot , 1 T2 rig BPC , 10 normal BPC’s and 2 Domination Small Artillery Battery faction BPC’s – 3 runs each.  I’ve always thought that faction blueprints drop only from data sites , but one of those dropped from normal Relic site can.

And few beautiful vistas snips.


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