Drifter Wormhole and BS

While poking around the Great Wildlands (more about that in the next post) , I’ve stumbled upon an “Unidentified Wormhole” together with already known “Unidentified Structure”. Warp to 100 and hope nothing oneshots me. Landing on grid, I spotted a red cross in space … that wasn’t on my overview … hmm. New type of ship obviously – a Drifter Battleship , which was slowly cruising around a wormhole. After a few minutes of fiddling with camera and taking snips , the BS warps away and four Circadian Seekers warp , starting their data xfer routine into the beacon. After a minute or two, those warp away too. Now I’m alone on grid with a lot of target-able structures. A braver man would yell Feuer Frei! and open fire on that vise-like structures spanning the wormhole. Well , I didn’t. In my defense I can only say that my cargo hold was already 3/4 full with yummy stuff , which would go towards my PLEX for next month. But I did snip some pictures. That should count for something, right ? Right ???



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