Manticore Ninja Ratting

I went to hunt the elusive (and pricey) Elite Drone AI. Since It drops from Rogue Drones BS’s (and some LVL4 missions that you get once in a blue moon) , I had to brave SOV space once again. Hopefully It’ll be as sparsely populated as it was a few days back. Inty wouldn’t do , so I fitted a Manticore and set out to do some ninja belt ratting. After consulting Dotlan , I found a nice backwater system with no station, lots of belts and minimal activity (no kills & <10 jumps in last 24 hours). Perfect. Voyage – uneventful.

First belt : 2BS , 2 Cruisers. Set orbit to 40km, AB on and let em’ have it. If I knew that nothing would touch me at 700+ m/s , I would fit more gank and no shields. Torps were doing 1.1k to 3.5k to BS’es and it was over rather quick. Loot : Zero. Hm , so it isn’t a 100% drop.

Second Belt : 2BS , 2 frigs. Loot : Zero

Third Belt : 1BS 3 Cruisers. Loot : 1 Ancillary Shield Booster

Fast Forward to Belt 14. 2BS , 2 Cruisers. Loot : Still goddamit zero.

This is turning into mission impossible very quickly. And I would need 300 of the little buggers to roll all 60 runs from that faction BPC. This put a huge hammer to my naive enthusiasm and prospect of wealth , fame and glory. Well, strike #2 and #3. #1 would suffice in this case. Feeling not one bit suicidal to press on, I packed my missiles and headed back home to slice off my profit margin with a blunt axe.


Edit: Put up both “Augmented” blueprints on a contract for 1.45Bil ISK , which got accepted today. Getting almost 2x PLEX worth of ISK vs. getting batshit insane is usually worth hefty consideration. But not in this case.

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